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Open Robotics offers multiple internship positions for students or early-career engineers with interest in robotics. We maintain a fun and collaborative work environment that offers many opportunities to learn new skills and techniques. All interns have a mentor who help define the scope of the project, provide support and evaluate progress.

A typical internship project comprises a set of tasks associated with a project under active development at Open Robotics. Interns integrate into a team just like regular employees, progressively learning about and contributing to their projects. 

One of the main rewards of an internship is to be able to work side by side with new people, in a new environment and in contact with different technologies. If you're looking for a break in your current research topic, you want to learn new things, or you just want to feel how is to work as a peer in a project, then this is your chance to do it!

List of projects currently accepting interns:

  • Gazebo: Contribute to the widely used open source robot simulator.

  • ROS 2: Contribute to the new version of the open source Robot Operating System. 

  • SubT: Join a simulation project in which teams of robots map, navigate, and search in large underground environments. ROS is used as the API to access sensor information and modify robot actuators.

  • VMRC: Join a simulation project in which unmanned surface vehicles solve perception and navigation tasks in harbor environments, in support of the physical RobotX competition. ROS is used as the API to access sensor information and control robot actuators.




We are looking for early-career engineers with solid programming skills. Previous internships or other relevant experience is a plus, but not a requirement. We code primarily in Python and C++; knowledge of Java, JavaScript, and/or Ruby is helpful. We require unrestricted authorization to work in the U.S.


  • Experience building and distributing large collections of open-source software

  • Experience in QA

  • Cross-platform deployment experience on Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows

  • System-administration experience

Timeline & application


  • September 1, 2019 - January 19, 2020: Application period

  • January 20 - February 16, 2020: Review applications and conduct interviews

  • February 17, 2020: Send decisions


  • We host interns year-round. If you're interested in an internship during fall, winter or spring, just apply anytime including your availability. We'll come back to you as soon as possible.


  • Cover letter, in which you introduce yourself, tell us when you're available, and explain your interest in joining our team

  • Resume / CV

  • Link(s) to sample(s) of your work, ideally in a publicly-viewable location

  • Two references and/or two letters of recommendation

Submit your application materials via the appropriate link below.