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Open Robotics welcomes our GSoC students

We're pleased to welcome Shivesh Khaitan, Mukul Khanna, Tyler Lum, Jens Petit, Mingfei Sun, Rumman Waqar and Zhenye Wu, our 2019 students participating in the Google Summer of Code!

Open Robotics/GSoC’19 students

Open Robotics/GSoC’19 students

Shivesh is a second year student pursuing a degree in Bachelors of Technology (B.Tech) in Computer Science Engineering from Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal, India. He is a member of Project MANAS, a student team working on AI Robotics. The team is currently working on making a self driving car and several other cutting edge autonomous robotics projects. At Open Robotics, he will be working on migrating existing ROS Gazebo plugins to ROS2. He would also like to include some new plugins which would be helpful for the community.

Mukul is a research intern at IIT Gandhinagar (India). He is part of the SRM autonomous underwater vehicle team, and has experience as a web developer at Skylim Infotech and as a software intern at Tata Consultancy Services. The Gazebo project has a vast set of learning resources in the form of a documentation section, Gazebo tutorials, the QA website, ROS answers and other blogs that developers can refer to for any assistance. All of this information is distributed across the internet with some links joining each other. The aim of his project is to bring all the Gazebo learning material under one web page in the form of a documentation index that contains links to the content where the respective information is hosted.

Tyler Lum is a fourth-year UBC Engineering Physics student, who is passionate about robotics and AI. He is a lifelong learner that strives for personal growth and aims to create a happier world through intelligent use of automation. Outside of robotics, Tyler enjoys playing volleyball, playing ultimate frisbee, and kickboxing. Tyler will be working on the VRX and SubT projects.

Since Jens got introduced to ROS through a lab course of his robotics master degree at TU Munich in Germany, he has been hooked. Building robots with ROS is at the same time powerful and fun. Jens is excited to contribute to such a popular package as MoveIt and happy to be part of a vibrant community of robotics experts. Besides coding this summer, he can be found practicing Aikido or hiking in the beautiful Alps. He will be working integrating Bullet as a collision checker to MoveIt this summer.

Mingfei Sun is a PhD student from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). He is doing research on Robot Learning from Demonstration, Imitation Learning and Human-Robot Interaction. He is eager to design fundamental algorithms and systems that enable robots to autonomously learn skills from desired demonstrations. Mingfei will be working on the project Actor support on Ignition, contributing codes to Actor simulation and animation.

Rumman is passionate about robotics. He has over five years of experience in robotics and nine years of programming experience in C++ and Python. He just finished an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering. Rumman wanted to get a more formal education in computer science so he joined the University of London for computer science. Rumman will be working with NPS and Open Robotics in the VRX project.

Zhenye Wu is a Control Engineering student from the Zhejiang University of Technology of China, he participant in the China Robot Competition during 2018 's summer. He learned to use ROS to build robot at that time, with this experience, he was familiar with ROS and other common Python libraries. In the meantime, he found that it is sad to realize that ROS1 only distributes its binary package in Debian system, Arch Linux user need so much time to compile ROS1, Windows user even can’t use ROS1. So he hoped to improve the Bloom project for supporting creating Windows packages in GSoC2019.

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