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Robots In Depth (10.7.19)

The benefits of open source in robotics and how ROS came to be an open standard with Tully Foote

AWS Open Source (9.26.19)

AWS RoboMaker’s CloudWatch ROS Nodes with Offline Support

Robotics Business Review (9.5.19)

Competition Rises in Claim for Cobot Top Dog, Report Says

Business Insider (8.31.19)

DARPA is asking universities for access to their tunnels ASAP, and it's because the US military thinks its next war will go underground

InfoQ (8.19.19)

Louise Poubel on the Robot Operating System

RoboHub (8.6.19)

Robot Operating System (ROS) & Gazebo, with Brian Gerkey

Defense News (7.29.19)

What Lies Beneath: Inside DARPA’s Subterranean Challenge

The Construct (7.18.19)

Top 10 ROS Based Robotics Companies in 2019

The Construct (7.9.19)

A History of ROS (Robot Operating System)

Executive Biz (7.3.19)

DARPA Picks More Teams for Virtual Subterranean Coding Challenge

Design News (7.1.19)

ROS 101: An Intro to the Robot Operating System

ZDNet (5.31.19)

DARPA Challenge: Underground war robots

Robotics & Automation (5.16.19)

The Rise of the Robot Operating System

The Robot Report (5.9.19)

ROS for Windows 10 now official from Microsoft

InfoQ (5.7.19)

Open Source Robotics: Getting Started With Gazebo and ROS 2

VentureBeat (5.6.19)

Microsoft rolls out AI and robotics toolkit in limited preview

TechCrunch (5.6.19)

Microsoft launches a new platform for building autonomous robots

ZDNet (4.8.19)

A robot revolution is well underway, driven by core technologies

IEEE Spectrum (4.4.19)

DARPA Subterranean Challenge: Teams of Robots Compete to Explore Underground Worlds

The Construct (4.1.19)

RDP042: How ROS is Developed with ROS Platform Manager Tully Foote

The Construct (3.21.19)

The 10 most influential people in ROS in 2019

Forbes (3.8.19)

5 Major Robotics Trends To Watch For in 2019

Silicon Angle (2.26.19)

Microsoft launches Windows Server IoT 2019 with support for robotics apps

ZDNet (2.26.19)

Windows for robots: Microsoft reveals new Windows Server IoT 2019

Produktion (2.11.19)

In these robotics applications, ROS Industrial pays off (in German)

Software Development Times (2.11.19)

Open Robotics turns its focus to ROS 2.0

The Robot Report (2.5.19)

How to speed robotics development with the cloud

IEEE Spectrum (1.28.19)

Apex.AI Does the Invisible Work That Will Make Self-Driving Cars Possible

The Robot Report (1.9.19)

10 robotics companies to watch in 2019

The Robot Report (12.28.18)

10 biggest robotics stories of 2018

Robotics Business Review (12.13.18)

2019 Predictions from Robotics, Automation, and AI Industry Experts

Medium (12.09.18)

Announcing the Autoware Foundation — Open Source for Autonomous Driving

ZDNet (12.07.18)

Robots rising: 5 trends driving the robotics sector in 2019

SiliconAngle (12.07.18)

Robots will rule the edge: AWS drives a new AI paradigm

TechRepublic (12.04.18)

AWS RoboMaker: A cheat sheet

InformationWeek (12.03.18)

AWS Aims to Speed and Simplify Robot Development

IT Brief Australia (11.28.18)

AWS RoboMaker supports future of robotics development

Business Insider (11.26.18)

Amazon released a new set of robotics tools for AWS

Innovation Enterprise (11.26.18)

AWS RoboMaker made available to developers

Silicon Angle (11.26.18)

AWS launches RoboMaker to help developers build software brains for robots

GeekWire (11.26.18)

Amazon Web Services customers can now build applications for robots in the cloud

VentureBeat (11.26.18)

Amazon’s AWS launches RoboMaker to help developers test and deploy robotics applications

SD Times (11.26.18)

AWS introduces new developer service for building robotics applications

ZDNet (11.26.18)

AWS launches RoboMaker dev service for building intelligent robotics apps

TechCrunch (11.26.18)

Amazon launches a cloud-based robotics testing platform

The Robot Report (11.26.18)

AWS RoboMaker cloud robotics platform launches

The Stack (11.26.18)

AWS gives green light for autonomous and cloud-connected robots

AWS Open Source Blog (11.26.18)

The Open Source Robot Operating System (ROS) and AWS RoboMaker

Hackaday (10.9.18)

Is 2018 Finally The Year of Windows on the Robot?

The Construct (10.9.18)

Using ROS 2 For Autonomous Cars With Dejan Pangercic

Automotive World (10.8.18)

Auto industry’s thirst for software is quenched by open source

Drivers and Controls (10.2.18)

Microsoft releases Robot Operating System for Windows

Redmond Channel (10.1.18)

Microsoft Working To Bring Robot OS to Windows Platform

IEEE Spectrum (10.1.18)

Microsoft Announces Experimental Release of ROS for Windows 10

The Register (10.1.18)

Robot Operating System gets the Microsoft Treatment

Microsoft Blog (9.28.18)

Bringing the power of Windows 10 to the Robot Operating System

VentureBeat (9.28.18)

Microsoft brings Robot Operating System to Windows 10

Forbes (9.28.18)

Robot Operating System: Microsoft Announced Something Big for IoT, Robotics, and Automation

ZDNet (9.28.18)

Microsoft is bringing the Robot Operating System to Windows 10

The Robot Report (9.24.18)

Open Robotics names ROS 2 Technical Steering Committee

Connected Social Media (9.21.18)

How Is Open Source Important to the Future of Robotics? – Open Source Voices – Episode 3

RoboHub Social Media (9.18.18)

First results of the ROSIN project: Robotics Open-Source Software for Industry

PacktHub (9.11.18)

Is ROS 2.0 good enough to build real-time robotic applications? Spanish researchers find out.

The Robot Report (8.29.18)

SwRI’s Collaborative Robotics Laboratory Much More Than Branding Exercise

Hackaday (8.16.18)

DARPA Goes Underground For Next Challenge

The Robot Report (8.1.18)

Clearpath Robotics offering ROS-enabled cobot arms from Universal Robots

Open Gov Asia (7.20.18)

Minister Gan Kim Yong announces development of Singapore’s first Robotics Middleware Framework at National Health IT Summit

ZDNet (7.18.18)

Robotics in business: Everything humans need to know

GCN (6.7.18)

DARPA wants to simulate underground environments for robot testing

ZDNet (6.1.18)

Stunning portraits of open source revolutionaries

ZDNet (5.23.18)

DARPA Challenge will send robots to new frontier: Underground

Wired (5.15.18)

DARPA'S Next Challenge? A Grueling Underground Journey

TechCrunch (5.11.18)

The Future of the Robot Operating System (ROS)

Robots in Depth (5.10.18)

Dirk Thomas Interview (video)

The Construct (4.16.18)

RDP 012: Everything about ROS 2 with Dirk Thomas

Ozobot Blog (3.13.18)

20 Inspiring Women (and Girls) Changing the World of Robotics

IEEE Spectrum (3.12.18)

Ubiquity Robotics Launches Beefy ROS Development Platform

Fast Company (2.20.18)

The World’s Most Innovative Companies 2018 Honorees By Sector (profile)

Just Auto (2.7.18)

Toyota renews support for open source robotics

Robotics Tomorrow (1.25.18)

The Future of Service Robots

Robotics Business Review (1.23.18)

3D Vision Brings Real-Time Sensing to Robots