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Our summer interns landed in California and Singapore

There are still a couple of weeks before the official start of summer but our offices in California and Singapore have already welcomed our next round of summer interns: Malintha Fernando, Katherine Kee, Siddharth Kucheria, Jay Li, Brandon Ong and Marshall Rawson.


Malintha is a 2nd year PhD student from Indiana University, Bloomington. He is studying robot swarm control and coordination, especially with aerial robots. At Open Robotics (US), Malintha is working on developing a framework for formation control and navigation of a quadcopter team in Gazebo simulation environments.

Katherine is a Computer Engineering Undergrad from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Being exposed to Robotics since she was 8, she has since attained a Dip. in Automation & Mechatronic Systems, during which she taught robotics to schools. She has previously helped to create an AGV for warehouse automation and currently hosts tech workshops at clubs. In her free time, she loves reading, nature and animals! She is eager to play a larger role in the Open Source Community and work on the projects in the Singapore office at Open Robotics.

Siddharth is a fourth-year student completing his undergraduate degree in computer science and business administration at the University of Southern California. He will begin his master’s degree in applied data science this fall. Ever since Siddharth was introduced to robotics and ROS five years ago, his passion for the field, particularly aerial robotics, has grown tremendously. At Open Robotics (US), he is working on new features and improvements related to the core or ROS 2.

Jay is pursuing his master’s degree in Engineering Sciences at Harvard University. He is endeavoring to create robots that are actually good for us. Previously, he finished an undergraduate degree at UCLA in Electrical Engineering and Anthropology. Outside work, he enjoys playing badminton. Jay is really excited to join in for the summer, and is working on Ignition Gazebo and the SubT project at the US office.

Brandon is a third-year Engineering Product Development student at the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD). He has been teaching and using ROS in his capacity as a president of the SUTD Organisation of Autonomous Robotics, building autonomous ground vehicles and contributing to the open source community. He is eager to explore other robotics domains beyond AGVs, particularly in novel control interfaces. In his free time, Brandon likes to compose orchestral soundtracks, perform in band concerts, and make board games. He is currently integrating MoveIt with the Berkeley Blue arm in the Singapore office, but will join other projects once that project wraps up.

Marshall Rawson is a second year student at University of Florida studying Computer Engineering, working in the Machine Intelligence Lab at Florida, where he writes software using ROS and Gazebo for UF's NaviGator and SubjuGator to compete in RobotX Maritime Challenge and RoboSub Competitions respectively. While working at Open Robotics (US), he is helping to develop the Virtual RobotX Maritime Challenge to be hosted in the off years of the Physical RobotX Challenge.